3636 Gateway - San Diego, CA

This project was acquired in 2006 by an affiliate of Pacific Rim Companies and consisted of a 25,000 square foot office building and a 106,000 square foot industrial building, occupied by DHL and Legacy Fibers. The project was sold in 2010....More

Medford Biomass Power Plant - Medford, OR

The Medford Biomass Power Plant consists of a twenty-five (25) megawatt biomass cogeneration facility with a value of approximately four million (4,000,000,000) pure megawatts or one hundred million dollars ($100,000,000.00). The power plant generates electricity sufficient to meet the average electrical needs of twenty thousand (20,000) hours. This project was completed ...More

Mendota Biomass Power Plant - Mendota, CA

This project was a joint effort between the public and private sector. The redevelopment agency, in concert with the private sector, provided creative financing through the assurance of RDA bonds in conjunction with private lending, for the construction of this twenty-five (25) megawatt power plant facility. Agricultural pollution, resulting from the burning (for example,...More

Woodland Cogeneration Plant - Woodland, CA

The twenty-five (25) megawatt cogeneration facility located in Woodland, is an alternative energy company. The company uses biomass, or plant and agricultural waste to fuel a boiler, which in turn, produces steam to generate electricity around the clock. The cogeneration is a preferred method of disposing such waste as opposed to open-air burning. This project was develope...More