Mendota Biomass Power Plant – Mendota, CA

Property Type: Industrial
Power Generation: 25 Megawatts

This project was a joint effort between the public and private sector. The creative financing through the redevelopment agency combined with the high-level financial commitment by the joint venture partners made it possible to develop this twenty-five megawatt power plant facility in Central California.

Agricultural pollution, resulting from the burning has long been a concern in communities in San Joaquin Valley. As a part of the solution, the twenty-five megawatt co-generation power plant was constructed to utilize the agricultural waste products, as well as residues from landfills and saw mills, to fuel the plant. The original cost associated with the development of this project was an excess of one hundred million dollars. This project was developed through the joint effort of the public and private sectors, with SLP and PAE representing the private sector and Paul Owhadi representing the RDA.