Paul Owhadi

Mr. Paul Owhadi has spent his entire career in the field of municipal administration and private real estate development and investment. His extensive experience in both disciplines has culminated many successful real estate development projects in California and other states.

 Paul Owhadi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Wilmington University in Delaware and a Graduate degree in Public Administration, Urban and Regional Studies from Ball State University in Indiana.

 In 1975 Mr. Owhadi was appointed to the position of City Manager in York Town, Indiana. At that time, he was the youngest City manager in the state. His tenure includes serving as City Manager and Chief Executive Officer of several other cities throughout the country.

 In July 1983, Mr. Owhadi was appointed President and principal shareholder of Tri-Coastal Development Corporation (TCD), a subsidiary of two major Southern California development companies (SLP andPAECorporations). While continuing as President of TCD Corporation, Mr. Owhadi was appointed Senior Vice President of Real Estate Development in charge of the national division of the Sheldon L. Pollack Corporation. Under Mr. Owhadi’s direction, TCD Corporation successfully completed a series of major residential, commercial, and industrial projects. TCD Corporation also provided consulting services to municipalities and redevelopment agencies in California.

 After his departure from the TCD and the SLP Corporation, he founded Sierra Pacific Development, Inc. in October 1990. Sierra Pacific Development, Inc. is a diversified development and construction company specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial development.

 Mr. Owhadi also is currently the key principal/Chairman of the Board and/or the managing general partner of over thirty (30) active companies specializing in the following areas:

 Single and multi-family residential development including subdivisions.

  • Construction of residential, commercial and industrial projects.
  • Investment in commercial, residential and industrial real estate properties.
  • Real estate development/joint ventures with various institutional organizations.
  • Medical/psychological services through California Psychological Institute/Gateway, LLC.

 In addition to his business activities, Mr. Owhadi holds a Lifetime Teaching Credential in California and has lectured at several colleges and universities. He is the recipient of numerous awards, citations, and recognitions including; California Businessman of the Year in 2005, the Governor’s Award, from the Governor of Kentucky for his accomplishments as City Manager of Ludlow, Kentucky; service awards from the Fresno County Economic Opportunity Commission; and awards of excellence from several U.S. cities for his work performance and accomplishments.

 In 2005 Mr. Owhadi was selected by the National Republican Congressional Committee as Businessman of the Year representing the state of California.

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Danyelle Baker

Danyelle Baker serves as the Administrative Assistant of Pacific Rim Companies, and has been a part of the team since June of 1999. Ms. Baker fulfills a crucial role in aiding the owner and all employees company-wide, ranging from everyday tasks to executive organizing and management.


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Stephanie Bonjour

Stephanie Bonjour, AR/AP, has been with Pacific Rim Companies since 2010 and assists the Controller with day-to-day accounting tasks and HR related items in our corporate office located in Fresno, CA. Ms. Bonjour relocated to California from Chicago in 2008. Prior to working with Pacific Rim Companies, Ms. Bonjour worked in the billing department for another company owned by Paul Owhadi called CPI. Ms. Bonjour received her BA degree in Psychology in 2007 from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.


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Matthew Guerrero

Matthew Guerrero joined Pacific Rim Companies in 2010 after working as an architectural design consultant in the Southern California area. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Southern California’s School of Architecture in 2006, and has been working in the field since 2003. Matthew acts as the lead designer of Pacific Rim Companies’ architectural design component and works in concert with our team to achieve creative design solutions that are aesthetically appealing, expressive and efficient. Matthew has a profound respect and sensitivity for the quality of architectural space and environments and is dedicated to obtaining the ultimate experience for the future inhabitants of our projects. He is currently working to obtain his California architecture license.


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Jennifer Owhadi

Jennifer Owhadi has worked under the umbrella of Pacific Rim Companies since 2004 after graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with Bachelor’s degrees in Business and Psychology. She has also been a licensed real estate broker in California since 2006. Her job duties include financial management of all of the company’s affairs and asset management of all multifamily properties throughout California.


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